When things go according to…

(Warning!  Long yarny story ahead. Proceed at your own peril.) Things go, but they don’t necessarily go to plan, so why bother with plans at all.  They only lead to frustration.  Just as well that I ddidn’t last Saturday. The parking in Maroochydore where I had planned to paint was non existent, but that’s okay.  […]

I Should Have Died

Someone saved my life, probably. Nelly the narcissist (who lives in my brain) says “doomed me to a life of suffering”, and she has a point. A ridiculous one, lol. It makes me chuckle. I was two, and was dragged out of the Pacific Ocean. That was when I was diagnosed with epilepsy. Modern medicine […]


Introducing Bubbabus!  My home on wheels (this time with an engine, unlike the caravan).  Since I have a large family and a wandering nature, I’m excited to simplify living once again. I picked this Suzuki APV because it was a good deal, and is shiny.  There aren’t any rv modifications, but I thought putting my […]