Water Dragons

Watercolour painting on 30cm x 40cm canvas protected with matte varnish.

Evolutionary Psychology and Gender

(Because I read: “Why Beautiful People Have More Daughters” 2008 by Alan Miller and Satoshi Kanazawa.)

Generalisations, not Stereotypes

(Because I read: “Why Beautiful People Have More Daughters” 2008 by Alan Miller and Satoshi Kanazawa.)

Noisy Miners

Watercolour painting on 30cm x 40cm canvas, protected with matte varnish.

You Own the Jealousy

Why to admit to jealousy and deal with it consciously. If jealousy, at it’s basis, is rooted in a biological imperative for reproduction, there is all the more need for self-awareness and emotional intelligence in self-moderation and decision making. Not only is it based in a fear of loss rather than a considered opinion that […]


Watercolour painting on 30cm x 40cm camas, protected with matte varnish.

Don’t Worry, Be Thoughtful

We are inclined to worry too much. The reproductive and survival outcomes of worrying too much are far less dangerous than the outcomes of worrying too little. Therefore, while our survival instincts are trying to be kind to us in order to mentally calculate or evaluate risk more accurate results come from not overly valuing […]

Point Cartwright from Mooloolaba

Watercolour painting on 30cm x 40cm canvas, protected with matte varnish.

Why I Stay Deluded

Because Reality isn’t Real I try to enjoy my delusions.  Some say that depressed people are actually more realistic. I reckon that’s a bunch of tosh. Everybody is deluded in their own special way. My deluded dream of reality changes shape depending on what stories I’m thinking of.  Some stories are things I’ve been telling myself, […]

Why Reality isn’t Real

Reality isn’t a thing.  Well, it’s not something we interact with.  It’s just a story we tell ourselves.  Other people make things up and tell us stories.  I like the one where there is this immortal being going around helping people throughout the universe by trying to restore justice and kindness. I don’t accept it […]

When things go according to…

(Warning!  Long yarny story ahead. Proceed at your own peril.) Things go, but they don’t necessarily go to plan, so why bother with plans at all.  They only lead to frustration.  Just as well that I ddidn’t last Saturday. The parking in Maroochydore where I had planned to paint was non existent, but that’s okay.  […]

I Should Have Died

Someone saved my life, probably. Nelly the narcissist (who lives in my brain) says “doomed me to a life of suffering”, and she has a point. A ridiculous one, lol. It makes me chuckle. I was two, and was dragged out of the Pacific Ocean. That was when I was diagnosed with epilepsy. Modern medicine […]


Introducing Bubbabus!  My home on wheels (this time with an engine, unlike the caravan).  Since I have a large family and a wandering nature, I’m excited to simplify living once again. I picked this Suzuki APV because it was a good deal, and is shiny.  There aren’t any rv modifications, but I thought putting my […]

The Theoretical Motivation of a Gym Membership

You know how buying a gym membership nags at your conscience?  (It does, right?)   I’m somewhat remorseful when I abandon my ambition to get skinnier or muscle-ier.  More remorseful, though, of what I could be doing with that money instead!  The opportunity costs are endless to a fiscally minded artist, let me tell you. Don’t […]

Thrifty Shades of Gray

Hi!  I’m Gray, Jodi Gray.  My life is a nutsoid conglomeration of intentions, surprises, and great people. I’m gonna start writing about it and see if I write entertaining stuff. Not entertaining like internet kittens, more entertaining like a B-grade horror film, I expect.  You know, freaking hilarity wrapped in warped. I’m an inveterate artist […]

Older Gallery of Work

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Me and My Stuff

Keeping things simple I’m selling my creations in person (or by arranged pickup), and at flat rates in USD: Within the U.S. :      Flat work</= 12″x9″ = $10 Work </=23″x11″= $20 Internationally:        Flat work</= 12″x9″ = $40 Work </=23″x11″= $110 I accept cash and Paypal. I make stuff, but don’t […]