Observing life from the inside, as part of the organism. At one with the changing of everything. #feelinglife #drawingemotions #watercolorpencil #figuredrawing #figureativeart #conceptart #drawing

Live Loud

Do you feel like you’re a risk taker? I may have fewer personal resources than average, but that just means I’m justified in living louder.  I don’t have time for collecting what ifs.

Me and My Stuff

Keeping things simple I’m selling my creations in person (or by arranged pickup), and at flat rates in USD: Within the U.S. :      Flat work</= 12″x9″ = $10 Work </=23″x11″= $20 Internationally:        Flat work</= 12″x9″ = $40 Work </=23″x11″= $110 I accept cash and Paypal. I make stuff, but don’t […]