You Own the Jealousy

Why to admit to jealousy and deal with it consciously. If jealousy, at it’s basis, is rooted in a biological imperative for reproduction, there is all the more need for self-awareness and emotional intelligence in self-moderation and decision making. Not only is it based in a fear of loss rather than a considered opinion that […]

Don’t Worry, Be Thoughtful

We are inclined to worry too much. The reproductive and survival outcomes of worrying too much are far less dangerous than the outcomes of worrying too little. Therefore, while our survival instincts are trying to be kind to us in order to mentally calculate or evaluate risk more accurate results come from not overly valuing […]

Why I Stay Deluded

Because Reality isn’t Real I try to enjoy my delusions.  Some say that depressed people are actually more realistic. I reckon that’s a bunch of tosh. Everybody is deluded in their own special way. My deluded dream of reality changes shape depending on what stories I’m thinking of.  Some stories are things I’ve been telling myself, […]