Observing life from the inside, as part of the organism. At one with the changing of everything. #feelinglife #drawingemotions #watercolorpencil #figuredrawing #figureativeart #conceptart #drawing

Live Loud

Do you feel like you’re a risk taker? I may have fewer personal resources than average, but that just means I’m justified in living louder.  I don’t have time for collecting what ifs.


When the well runs dry wait for the rain to fall. What weighs you down? Watercolour pencil and ink on 8.25″x11.5″ paper.


If you were looking at the next big step in life’s adventure, and gathering your courage, what would you be looking at? I’m wondering where the line should be between time spent considering options, and jumping in and doing something.

The Theoretical Motivation of a Gym Membership

You know how buying a gym membership nags at your conscience?  (It does, right?)   I’m somewhat remorseful when I abandon my ambition to get skinnier or muscle-ier.  More remorseful, though, of what I could be doing with that money instead!  The opportunity costs are endless to a fiscally minded artist, let me tell you. Don’t […]