Introducing Bubbabus!  My home on wheels (this time with an engine, unlike the caravan).  Since I have a large family and a wandering nature, I’m excited to simplify living once again.

I picked this Suzuki APV because it was a good deal, and is shiny.  There aren’t any rv modifications, but I thought putting my money into getting a reliable vehicle was more important.  So far, I put a single bed frame and mattress in, with plastic containers under the bed for my stuff.  Everything fits NOW… but there’s been known to be calories hiding in storage that make clothes and stuff grow.

Bubbabus and I have already stayed at two of my Gray sisters’ places and so far we love each other.  Now we’re working out ways to fight the heat in the upcoming summer.

A quirky opportunity for work has come up so I’ll drive down to the Sunshine Coast tomorrow.

Yeah this will slow down my creative plans again but hey maybe I’ll get to paint Christmas ornaments with people’s names in glue.  Or maybe I’ll suck at it and not get hired, or maybe it will be obviously more than my CNS disorder can handle, or maybe I’ll finally learn how to teleport.

I can go with the flow.

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