Minnehaha Waterfall

What do you think of the two different styles?

On August 7th I made a long planned visit to the beautiful Minnehaha Waterfall. I had had plans all summer to paint it in the style I’ve developed over the last few years, and finally got around to it. I thought that the 2009 folk artsy version I did in acrylic needed expanding upon.

It started out as an adventure too, as I figured out how to catch a bus and a tram for the first time in Minneapolis to get there. I spent some time soaking up the atmosphere made cheerful by fellow visitors, and did a few sketches before heading up to the top of the falls to find somewhere more comfortable to paint. I had some seafood at the cafe, and a quick nap on the grass before finally getting started on the painting. It was a glorious day full of so many of my favourite things, in one of my favourite places in the Twin Cities.

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