Thrifty Shades of Gray

Hi!  I’m Gray, Jodi Gray. 

My life is a nutsoid conglomeration of intentions, surprises, and great people. I’m gonna start writing about it and see if I write entertaining stuff. Not entertaining like internet kittens, more entertaining like a B-grade horror film, I expect.  You know, freaking hilarity wrapped in warped.

I’m an inveterate artist and craftsperson and I’m starting on another adventure around about now.  It’s exciting and terrifying in equal measure.  I’m pretty sure I’ll screw it up big time, but if I keep going I’ll at least get some funny stories out of it.

I’ve returned to Australia once again, this time with a little bit of savings and some help from my Mum to buy a vehicle.  A cargo van.  The Bubbabus.  It holds a single bed with space for putting stuff underneath the bed and about a foot down one side.  I have a vague idea about making things, travelling around and trying to earn an actual living while being myself.  Should be, erm… a complete fiasco.  Why the hell not do it?

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