Baby Yoda (Free Pattern)


Baby Yoda / The Child 1WoodenButton style became a passion for friends and family over the Christmas season. By the time I’d made the tenth little cutesy I swore I would never ever forget how, that I could make them in my sleep, and possibly my soul was forever changed. Since the part of me that was forced to grow up knows I remember nothing much, particularly if it will be useful, I made notes. They changed with different iterations for the purpose of ‘product improvement’ until here is one I present to the interwebs, hoping someone may find it useful, and someone may tell me how to get better at pattern writing.


Medium size: Using worsted weight yarn and a 5.5mm hook…

Large size: Using worsted weight yarn doubled up and a 7mm hook…


6sc in a magic ring

Increase every sc. (12sc)

Increase every second sc. (18 sc.)

Increase every third sc. (24sc.)

Increase every fourth sc. (30sc.)

Increase every fifth sc. (36sc.)

6sc in 6, sc, hdc, 2dc, 2dc, hdc, sc, 24 sc in 24. (38st). [To create a brow bulge.]

6 sc in 6, sc, sc, 1sc in 2, 1 sc in 2, sc, sc, 24 sc in 24 (36st).

36 sc in 36

36 sc in 36

Ch over 7st for eyebrow, 4sc, ch over 7st for eyebrow, 18 sc in 18. (36st including the 14 skipped stitches in the previous row.). [To create eyebrows.]

6 hdc in 6, sc, sc, 6dc popcorn stitch in 2, sc, sc, 6 hdc in 6, 15 sc in 18 (32st). [To create a nose.]

(Sc+hdc in 1 , 2 dc in 1, dc, dc, 2 dc in 1, hdc+sc in 1) x3, 12 sc in 15. (42st.) [To create the tops of the cheeks, and upper lip.]

1 Dc in 2 x 5, 1 sc in 2 x 5, 1 dc in 2 x 5, 12 sc in 12. (27st.). [To create the middle of the cheeks and mouth opening.]

1 sc in 2 x 3, 2 dc in 1, dc, dc, dc, 2dc in 1, 1sc in 2 x 3, 9 sc in 12. (22st.). [To create bottom of cheeks and bottom lip.]

2 sc in 3, sc, 1 dc in 4 [to create a chin], sc, 2 sc in 3 x 3, sc. (12st.)

Sc around. (12st.). [Neck.]


3dc in 2sc around. (18dc.)

4 dc in 3 around. (24dc.)

DC around. (24dc.)

DC around. (24dc.)

DC around. (24dc.)

3 dc in 4 around. (18dc.)

2 dc in 3 around. (12dc.)

1 sc in 2 around, close off.


6sc in a magic ring.

Increase every sc. (12sc.)

Increase every second sc. (18sc.)

(Sc+ 5ch in front loop) x 3. [for toes], sc x 15 in back loop. (18sc.)

Dc in back loop x 3, sc x 15. (18st.)

18 dc around.


(Ch 5, sk, slst x 4) x 3 (3st.). [For fingers.]

Sc, hdc, sc (3st.). [To make a palm.]

Cast on 6 hdc. [To make an arm.] (Alternately 2sc in 3st, and sc around x 8.)


Cast on 10 dc and 2sc, picot. (12st.)

2sc and 10 dc down other side. (12st.)

Fold in half, sc along. (12st.)

Ch, skip stitch, sc, hdc, 9 dc. (11st.)

7dc, hdc, sc, slst. (10st.)


DC around width of tummy, join, ch 2, as many times as needed to reach the armpit. Skip 1 dc to leave a hole for the arms. DC 5-7 rows to make collar. SC around armholes. DC 7 rows to make sleeves.

Notes: I crochet in spirals to avoid having a seam. Sometimes I use a stitch marker to mark the beginning of the row, but usually I can see where the first spiral starts on the second row and line it up good enough.

Although I write “increase every third sc” or such, I actually always increase on the first stitch while counting to four. It means the same thing.


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