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Maslow’s Hierarchy Question

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs was introduced to me in high school and has since entered the popular consciousness as an accepted part of the basis of human psychology. Since then there has been much research and many articles written about the pitfalls of this theory.

Humans like to create peace and control from chaos by using hierarchical ways of thinking, but life is complex. What if, just to get a different perspective from usual, we thought of the hierarchy not as a pyramid, particularly not as progressive steps on a pyramid, but as a Venn diagram.

What would we look at differently then?

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How Nihilism is my Optimism

For me, thinking of suicide isn’t a bad thing. It’s knowing where the exit is, just in case I need it. It’s reassuring to look over my shoulder and glimpse the green glow of escape. If I see there’s a clear path out, I can calm down and look for ways to get to other, more intriguing doors. Suicide has my back.