The Child (Baby Yoda) – It Begins

After having this post about Allison Hoffman’s Baby Yoda sent to me three times in one day I took that as a sign from the google gods that my go with the flow life was flowing back into encouraging nerdom. I’m a nerd appreciator in real life: I love nerds, they’re interesting, engaging, usually intelligent people who are fun to hang around with. Unfortunately my bucket list had to have becoming a bona fied nerd removed some time ago due to my brain being as compatible with the job as using a wooden sword to mine diamonds in Minecraft.

Surprisingly I actually got started on my new mission that day, and finished the next while drinking at my “local” amidst the Saturday crowd madness. Madness of a fully blown Baby Yoda obsession pandemic as it turned out. My first effort was adopted by a disapproving man who, why’ll saying he admired my entrepreneurial spirit, and looking like he didn’t, had to have it for his suitably intoxicated wife. She was thrilled to death. It was awesome to see.

I first studied the screen captures online for reference, and could see why The Child is thought to be cute, but didn’t really get it. I figure my ‘that’s so cute’ gene is a little underdeveloped, so ya get that. Turns out, when I got the chance to see the first couple of episodes of The Mandalorian, even I could understand the appeal. The Child totally deserves it’s own series, and I even harbored hopes that it would turn out to be a girl, have been ‘just tricking’ about the whole not speaking (broken) sentences yet thing, and secretly be waiting for a chance to escape because it was totally in control of the whole situation all along.

It took at least 8 hours for me to make, as I was making it up as I go along, but was a good start with a few ideas on how I wanted to improve the next one. The obsession pandemic had caught hold!

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