When things go according to…

(Warning!  Long yarny story ahead. Proceed at your own peril.)

Things go, but they don’t necessarily go to plan, so why bother with plans at all.  They only lead to frustration.  Just as well that I ddidn’t last Saturday.

The parking in Maroochydore where I had planned to paint was non existent, but that’s okay.  I went on to Cotton Tree, and hauled a bunch of gear out to get settled for the next few hours. 

The new shade shelter I had bought after an embarrassing sunburn, I was too chicken to try to put up in public. But that’s ok, I found a picnic bench under a tree to sit at, and carried all the stuff over there, including the beach chair and the shade shelter.

I decided on a montage format of painting.  I sketched a number of figures. There was plenty to choose from: many people were stand up paddle boarding on the river,  including four terribly… Amazing… girls doing yoga while standing on boards.

A Canadian lady came by and did what undoubtedly everyone really wanted to do. She called out ” you girls are just amazing ” and took photographs of the yoga doers.  Then she turned to me and said “Is it possible to hate someone you don’t even know?”

I created a composition from the surrounding area and sketched the figures into it on the canvas. I got ready to paint, and found I didn’t have anything to put water in. I got a headache, but that’s ok.  I got the yoga hating  🇨🇦 lady to watch my stuff and went back to Bubbabus to get headache medicine and a paint water container. I also poured two thirds of a bottle of … grape juice into a flask / coffee cup and brought it with me.

I came back, tried to get on with it but found I had no paint brushes. In a panic I ran back to Bubbabus .  I cursed myself for being so organised, for once, that I did not have paint brushes in every single bag that I owned, I  had them all in one pencil case somewhere else.

But that’s okay.  I searched my art supply tote anyway, just in case, and found a large brush and a plastic pallette knife. 

I considered giving up but I had left all my things behind under the tree. But that’s okay, I  grabbed the acrylic paint and decided to work with that instead of the watercolour because, fuck it, I’m stubborn. I came back to find the 🇨🇦 lady standing and looking around like ” well shit,  she left again, what am I supposed to do, and how much am I going to put up with? ” I verbally vomited out my sob story, glanced stonily at the river and grasped my substitute tools in both hands. She commiserated appropriately.

Two people and a dog came along and asked politely to sit at the picnic table that the Canadian lady had been sitting at. Dog lady said oh only for 10 minutes.  🇨🇦 lady said, of course,  she was just leaving. The dog people and their dog sat down after Dog man joked that 🇨🇦 lady should charge $25 a seat.

I went back to my bench, sat down and realised I really would need a table.  But that’s okay, I gathered my arms full of stuff and went to the picnic table. 🐕 man did not charge me $25 to sit there but by then I was probably looking scarily crazy.

Naturally I told my story, as a disclaimer, so hopefully they wouldn’t judge my skill by the experiment about to happen, and started slapping acrylic paint onto the canvas, while chatting and sipping the juice from my bottle.

About 20 minutes later Italian  Australian man comes and makes fun of me. I agree with his assessment and chat with the now 3 other people, but not the 🐶.  Guess I’m rude that way.  🇮🇹 🇦🇺 Man says if I make any money from this that he wants some , I  reply don’t we all.

I break the palette knife and laugh in agony, but that’s okay.  🇮🇹 🇦🇺 man goes over to the cafe and knicks a couple of plastic knives. He presents them to me as the solution to the problem, lol.  They even made a fun grass texture.

🇨🇦 lady comes back with some pods in her hand.  She asks us if we know what they are.  🐕 man says yes those a Tuckeroo seeds. I immediately snort in laughter and say “you’re kidding”.  In all seriousness he didn’t know how funny that was. My brain gave me an image of a kangaroo handing out the seeds at the tuck shop for lunch.

There is more chatting, then 🇮🇹🇦🇺  Man goes back to his family picnic.  As he is leaving, a bit later, he laughs, hey, it’s really coming along!  I might even pay you $5 for it.  I tell him that i would  probably take his $5 just so I never have see it again.

I had painted the acrylic over my sketch but that’s ok I had the sketchbook to look at. I went back to the sketchbook and found that I had used the backside of the sketches as a paint palette. But that’s ok, I folded the sketches in half and held it in the air, safe from the wind, while looking around both sides of the paper at the figures.  I had a sketched more of them on the canvas,  but that’s ok.

🐶 lady finally got fed up with how long the 10 minutes was taking and dragged 🐶 man away.  🇨🇦 lady started reading again. After a bit she said she was going to go do something and would be back to see how my painting was coming along. I put 10 or 15 more minutes in, called it done, packed up, and hurriedly hauled my stuff back to the car.  Near the car park I set the painting free in the wild and got out of there.

So, you see, being a “but that’s okay” human instead of a “but the plan is” person… Gets one a ridiculous day. 😉

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